What to Consider Before Buying a Business – Part 2

In our last newsletter article we reviewed key considerations when purchasing the assets of a business. Now we turn our focus to the other side of the coin: share purchase transactions. In a share purchase, the Purchaser acquires all assets and liabilities of the...

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What to Consider before Buying a Business – Part 1

When contemplating the purchase of a business, there are many key considerations that a prudent purchaser should be aware of and factor in to their decision-making process. As a starting point, consider whether you, the Purchaser, will buy assets or shares of the...

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Toronto’s Proposed Development Plans and the LPAT Loophole

Toronto’s proposed Downtown Plan and Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan provide suggested policies and guidance regarding the development and intensification of the respective jurisdictions over the next 25 years. To secure approval, both plans require compliance with...

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